Friction & fabrication - on time and on budget

JB Friction & Fab Corporation is located 25 miles north of Milwaukee in Grafton, Wisconsin. As a growing mid-western company, we place customer satisfaction as our number one priority, with a special emphasis on delivering quality components on time and at a competitive price.


Laser Cutting

Laser Service

JB Friction and Fab Corporation's high speed precision laser cutting system is capable of processing a full range of materials and thicknesses. The Lasermak laser cutters feature a cutting rate beyond 945 IPM and with capabilities beyond .470" mild steel and .160" stainless steel and aluminum. They also feature a new CNC control system to help automate set-up times and increase production time.

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Press Brake

Press Brake Service

Our 2009 10 foot, 132-ton ERMAK CNC Press Brake provides state of the art bending with high precision and speed. It is capable of bending steel up to 10 foot lengths. With manual or automatic work modes, JB-Corp is capable of anything from prototype jobs to production quantities.

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Turret Services

No job is too large or too small with our CNC Punch capabilities. Production quantities are done with ease and if prototypes are needed, JB-Corp has the flexibility to generate them with the multifaceted Turret capabilities of the EKM 2500. We handle high volume, low tolerance projects all of the time, and have generated the methods and quality controls to continually improve our output. Any way you look at it, we can meet your needs.

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Assembly Services

From bending to welding to custom applications, our experienced employee's have worked through every kind of Assembly being handled today. This experience, combined with the capabilities of our Milltronics CNC Mill, our Ermac 110 Ton Iron Worker, our Wire EDM and other Assembly systems makes us a great fit for nearly any project.

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Friction Material Bonding & Reaction Discs

Friction Services

JB-Corp's employees have a combined 40 years of experience in the bonding of friction materials. Preparation of the steel is the most important part of a quality bond along with adhesion, pressure and time. We can bond materials up to 36 inches in diameter. All bond fixtures are designed in house which gives us a distinct advantage over the competition in providing a quality bond at a competitive price. With in-house stress-relieving, etching and belt sanding operations, JB-Corp is your one stop shop in the manufacturing of reaction discs up to 36 inches attaining an RMS finish of 16.

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In The News

September 2011 - "Bryan McGourthy, president of JB Friction & Fab Corp., admits to feeling concerned slightly when he purchased his first Ermak USA Inc. CO2 laser late last year. Known largely for its press brakes, Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based Ermak USA recently entered the laser market in North America. McGourthy's concern, however, was short-lived. The Lasermak CO2 flying optic laser cutting machine so exceeded McGourthy's expectations, he purchased a second one recently for his Grafton, Wis.-based facility..."

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"JB Friction helped us identify new methods to produce our parts, and helped us grow from our initial launch to the organization we are today. We highly recommend their services." - John Mayfield
"Quality parts and solid communication has kept us with JB Friction and Fab since 2009. We expect to continue with JB well into the future." - Stephen Dougherty
"After our initial trial run with laser cutting through JB, we were hooked. And between the pricing and overall quality, we were able to meet our budget. Overall great experience." - J. Mitchell
"They have been instrumental in helping us improve our own deliverables, and JB Friction & Fab has maintained one of the highest quality scores among our providers since 2010." - Michelle Dahl-Phillips